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Go Fish
November 25, 2010

A fisherman shows one of the unlucky fish that make up his catch for the day.

Go Fish

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Fishy Business – The Jamaican Tilapia
November 24, 2010

Red TilapiaJamaicans love the sea (even though most cannot swim, but that’s another essay). That said, we tend to frown upon any fish that either comes out of fresh water, or worse, from a fish farm. Of course, many a young man has grown up on janga (crawfish) hauled out of our rivers and streams but again, we’re splitting hairs. Luckily this anti-fresh sentiment isn’t shared by all. A few of us have been fortunate enough to open our minds and taste buds to the beauty of locally farmed Tilapia, most commonly known as the African perch.

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Diana’s Vacation – Part 1
November 18, 2010

Sunset in the KeysVacay is over, now I'm back to reality. I did not make it to Hawaii folks.  I was close to tears for two days sitting in the airport being rejected due to oversold flights, gate agents who made no eye contact and being last on the standby lists.  This process was highly frustrating.  “Where are these people going?  Everybody stay home!” lamented my friend, Carrie.  Carrie later suggested Key West, and we did take off ten days from work for our Hawaii excursion.  Well Key West ain’t no Hawaii, but I was running out of options and vacation days - the Caribbean was a mess with hurricanes and tropical depressions passing through and Europe was...well...Europe.  Plus Carrie had been there several times. So I said, “F#@& it!  Key West it is.”

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Yaad Pics - Lookout to Lucea
November 16, 2010

"Lookout to Lucea" is a picture taken from the Dolphin Head Mountains in Hanover. From this vantage point you get an unhindered view out towards the sea near Lucea.

Clarendon Sunset

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With passengers like these, who needs movies??
November 10, 2010

Old Lady on the PlaneWhat did I tell you about those New Jersey folks? The next two stories are from G,  a strapping young and handsome flight attendant.  He was flying from Newark to Orlando.

G is in the cabin selling headsets.

Woman: "Are there any movies?"

G:  "Yes, just turn to the Preview Channel to watch the previews, then you can make your purchase."

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Voodoo Theories and Chicken-bone Mentality
November 8, 2010

Haiti Tweets

Haiti's history is inextricably intertwined with that of Jamaica.

It can be said that the Haitian revolution started and ended in Jamaica - Boukman Dutty, long held to have been the instigator of the uprising, was sold by his Jamaican slavemaster to a Haitian plantation owner (guess he didn't realise he was getting the wrong end of the bargain). And the revolution effectively came to an end when General Donatien Rochambeau fled to Jamaica in 1803, surrendering to the British authorities.
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Overheard on the Plane…
November 1, 2010

Old HippieYou all know I don't have much love for pilots.  There are a select handful that I will talk to at my airline, but pilots generally have an "I am God" attitude that I, and other flight attendants, do not care for. Pilots don't have as much face time with passengers as we do, however, this doesn't stop a crazy remark or two from getting to them. [Read More]

Yaad Pics - The Flag
October 21, 2010

A young boy lifts the Jamaican flag as the breeze plays a game of tug-o-war with the national banner.

The Flag

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What I (REALLY) Wanted to Say Was…!
October 20, 2010

Do I have a few gems to share with you this week!  I’ve been flying so much this past month that I’ve become somewhat immune to the absurdity that abounds in my professional life.  It’s come to the point where I have to remind myself to write down these encounters because I’ve been forgetting.  Well these episodes I surely didn’t forget.  Let’s dive in.

Mr. Giraffe What I wanted to say was…!
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Yaad Pics - Football Field...Jamaica Styleee!
October 18, 2010

Photo by Julian Cresser - Yaadinfo Contributor

"Sample Football Field" is an example of Jamaicans' ability to turn any piece of land into a football field. "I found it hilarious that the man them take it so serious to make sure them draw all the lines and everything regardless of size and shape.", said Julian, while recounting the experience.

The photo was taken on the road to Irwin - a town above Montego Bay in St. James. [Read More]

Sweet Jamaica
October 10, 2010

“Sweet sweet Jamaica, nah lef yah!” – The song was befitting. It complemented the true beauty of the Jamaica’s countryside and I echoed Mr. Wales as I traversed my island’s rural quarters. From the concrete jungle that is Kingston to the “bread basket” parish of St. Elizabeth, the scenery was stimulating and natural.  What an island paradise!.

Fruit trees, sea shores never-ending, isolated and winding roads embraced and shaded by overgrown trees and shrubbery – an embrace to make one feel free from harm and fear. Yeah, that’s Jamaica! [Read More]

What the Hell is Slackness???
October 5, 2010

I think defining the term slackness is relative to the culture, the person, the situation. What the hell is slackness???

Some say slackness is unruly behaviour as sometimes displayed in the Jamaican Dancehall. Some say slackness is evident in the brutality with which our gunmen, cops and soldiers operate. Others define slackness as characterised by the neglect of children. The list could go on from now ’til Tivoli Gardens residents utter a bad word about Edward Seaga. [Read More]